A quick trip to the lake…

I decided to test out the water worthiness of my VFF’s on a quick trip to a local lake here in Raleigh last Sunday with the dogs. Our dog Sophie, a large Pomeranian, LOVES the water. The last few times we had gone to the lake we were unable to let Sophie swim because neither my husband or I, had on proper attire, or more importantly proper shoes. We had heard you could swim in your VFFs and we wanted to test this out to see if it were true. We didn’t exactly swim, more like waded into the water to throw tennis balls to the ever rambunctious Sophie. The VFFs held up fine. Ryan wore his KSO’s and I wore my sprints. I have to say they were a little uncomfortable on the very rocky train that led down to the lake, but once the ground evened out a bit we were fine. My sprints gather quite a bit of dirt, rocks, and silt from the lake, which were a pain to get out later. All around I give it a grade A for swimming. This definitely makes me more excited to try them out at the Warrior Dash in August.

Puppies enjoying day at the lake


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