New shoes, New terrain!

Hubby surprised me with my 3rd pair of VFFs, and effectively cut me off for the rest of the year at the same time. I had wanted a pair of Treksports to run in for my upcoming Warrior Dash, see: . The Treksports are made specifically with trail running and hiking in mind see: They have a great tread on the bottom that gives you more traction for climbing and navigating rough surfaces. The sole of the shoe is also a bit thicker than your standard sole, which gives you less barefoot feel, but in my opinion a little less of that is needed on the trails.

I have never been much of a trail runner. I always felt clumsy in regular shoes, my sense of balance seemed to be off.  The minute I stepped onto the trails with my new Treksports, that all changed! I thought being able to feel the ground under my feet with all its rocks and roots would be a bad thing, but it actually gave me my sense of balance back. I felt nimble and excuse the corny term, but one with nature. I had a new sense of my surroundings. Yes, I still had to be careful where i stepped, a sharp rock can hurt. Stubbing your toe on a tree root isn’t fun ether. I was able to bounce around my new surroundings like a kid.

My Vffs have given me a new respect for trail running. I try to incorporate a trail run in at least 2 days a week to my running schedule. So, far I have made it up to 2 miles in my Treksports. I have to be at 3.2 miles by august, a goal I know I can meet in my new shoes!

Vibram FiveFingers TrekSport - Women's


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  1. hah, i stubbed my toe on a tree root today! cracked me up, actually.

    but yes–i obviously love the improved sense of balance that the vibrams allow for!


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