Where not to wear your vibrams!

While I absolutely LOVE my vibrams, and if I had my way would wear them everywhere, they have been some situations ive been happy to have regular shoes for:

1. in the rain: your feet will get super wet and soggy and it takes forever for the vibrams to air dry.

2. Any place that has heavy machinery, would NOT want something dropped on my feet with only vibrams on.

3. unfortunately at my job, im a petnurse, and do not want to have dog and cat urine and feces on them. I think this goes for regular docs and nurses too, same situation, diff fluids.

4. Job interview, unless I  knew VFFs were apart of the work uniform.

5. I probably would not wear them to a funeral, just wouldn’t feel they would be appropriate.

luckily there are quite a few options out there for these situations including:

New Balance 10

new balance minimus , just got these for running while I transition into my VFF’s full time.

Women's Hattori

Saucony Hattori, zero drop shoe, definitely on my list for work shoes and running shoes, will still help me keep my fore foot strike.

A new minimalist shoe is coming to town Fall 2011 from a shoe company built for bare feet - Stem Footwear.

and stem foot wear! birthdayshoes.com, just release this preview of this great shoe.

so many options! looks like many shoe companies are willing to help out the barefooted!


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