barefoot running haters!!

so with all the information out there on how great barefoot running is so great its was just a matter of time before this site came up :

They have very umm “informative” articles such as: Definitive evidence that barefoot running really does make you blind and Why I have turned my comments off (apparently he gets a lot of hate mail). He accuses the barefoot community of not having any science to back up our thinking, and yet his website does the same thing. Opinions are one thing, but at least try to back it up with some evidence. I understand the right to free speech, so I will agree to disagree with his statements. 


2 responses to this post.

  1. *SIGH* It would only be a matter of time right. If the guy had done any research at all on barefoot running, he would have realized that most articles promote barefoot running IF it is a natural form for the individual runner. Barefoot running happens to not be for me. I find I get frustrated and end up hurting more than running. That’s cool, different strokes for different folks. Barefoot running happens to be GREAT for my husband. Ever since he tried it, he has actually enjoyed running MORE and seems more excited about it. For him, it feels very natural and he likes that. Just because our forms are different, doesn’t mean either one is “bad” or that one is “better” than the other. It really depends on the runner. Ignorance is so frustrating. :/


    • yes! if people would do the research before they put on a pair of VFF’s, there would be less injuries. When I run in the I have to run completely barefoot first to lock in my form, then once I put the shoes on I’m good to go.


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