The Naked Tour, Part 1

I have some mixed emotions concerning what happened this weekend in Asheville.  Listening to Chris Mcdougall and Scott Jurek speak was wonderful, but what happened on the trail run made me extremely disappointed.

I was super amped to see Chris Mcdougall speak this weekend, but the thing I was really looking forward to was the barefoot trail run. According to videos on the website, we would be instructed by Chris Mcdougall and Scott Jurek. When we got there I noticed that the author of “Chi Running” was at the event. It turns out he was the one running the barefoot seminar, not Chris Mcdougall, BIG let down, since im NOT a huge fan of his book, but that’s for another episode. The instructions he gave were very vague: go slow, run on your forefoot and lean into your stride.  That was it!  Chris Mcdougall then, got up and instructed us to follow him and the other ultra marathoners on a trail run, half-joking about if we get lost to follow the sunset to find out way home. The trail wasn’t marked and since me and hubby were new to the barefoot trail running experience we easily got lost and had to use his Iphone to find our way back to campus. When we finally got there, no one seemed to be concerned that we had just been lost on a 10 mile trail in the middle of the woods in Asheville. With no trail markers, and several forks in the road, we would have been lost for quite a while with out hubby’s GPS. NOT a good way to start our vacation.

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