Hi my name is Elissa and I’m addicted to VFF’s

Happy news! my 2nd pair of vibram five fingers came in last week. I knew I would be running like crazy in my bikilas, and i love the way they look, but i wanted a more casual shoe for everyday use. After searching the birthdayshoes.com website and doing my research, i opted for the sprints; and the sprints did NOT disappoint!

The soles of the sprints are actually thinner than my regular bikilias so you get more of a barefoot feel. The sprints were actually one of the first VFF shoes produced, so they have the standard Vibram knife cut bottom. They have an open top, which is cooler for the summer, and ends up making them look more like a sandal. I got my sprints in blue/aqua, and they tend to be a little less “noticeable” than my hot pink and orange bikilas. The toe pods felt a little tighter on these than in my bikila, but after a 5 days break in period they feel pretty comfortable. The straps also took some playing with to get the right level of comfort while keeping the shoes firmly on my foot.

I have felt comfortable enough in them to wear them to school, on my walks, and even to the doctor’s office in the past week. I think they are going to be my “go to, everyday” shoe. Did I mention they look super cute with capris!!?!

Next shoes on my shopping agenda: either the komodo sports or KSO treks for my race Warrior Dash in august.

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  1. Trust me, you don’t want Treks for an August race! They are hot! I love them for winter running because the leather and full foot coverage make them toasty warm, but for a summer Warrior Dash you will want your Sprints.


  2. Never mind, I see there is a “Trek Sport” now too 🙂 Too many to choose from now!


  3. I love the sprints and have two pairs. Almost all of my miles are done in those right now.


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