hmm.. something smells

The past few weeks have put a major dent in my plan to train to run barefoot and in my Vff’s due to my skin cancer surgery. I’m not allowed to do much but sit around and watch TV. After day 4 of watching TV and reading books, I had cabin fever and had to get outside. I went for a walk on the nature trail behind my house. As a side note I was amazed at how great my bikilas felt on a rocky, sandy trail. A few bits of grit had gotten in my bikilas so when I got home I naturally took them off and shook them out and set them on the floor. I didn’t have my VFFs off for 2 seconds when I caught whiff of a horrible smell. My Vibrams were RANK!!! I had never washed my five fingers before, so I immediately went to the net for answers, here is what I found:

According to the official website, “Vibram FiveFingers® footwear is machine washable. Use gentle, warm water cycle with liquid or powdered detergent. Hang to air dry. Make sure to keep the KSO Trek, Performa and MOC away from direct sunlight or heat source while drying as leather can shrink.” Machine washing is great and convenient, but make sure you wash you five fingers with other pieces of clothing to prevent them from bouncing around the washer too much and getting damaged. You also want to make sure that your VFF velcro closures are fastened, to prevent you from having to untangle them from your laundry.

The most comprehensive article about cleaning your VFFs is on The cover everything from using denture tablets to clean your stinky five fingers, to presoaking them to presoaking them in oxyclean. Luckily my Vffs are fairly new and havent gotten that bad yet, but if yours have check out the site at :

Luckily for us, most of the new Vibram models have an antimicrobial guard called Aegis, which helps keep bad-smelling bacteria and other microbes off your shoes to keep them smelling nice longer!

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  1. Hi! Just found your blog! Love it!

    My husband runs in his VFFs and he swears by them. He keeps “the stank” down by wearing those Injinji socks. He even likes them so much that he wears them with his regular tennis shoes too!

    Barefoot running is definitely not for me and, from what I understand, requires lengthy transitioning. Kudos to you for doing it though! 🙂


  2. Hehe, mine got pretty ripe last summer, now I don’t wear them unless it is cold so always with socks. I found Oxyclean good for destinking.
    When it is too hot on the pavement for my feet I wear huaraches that I made for $4.


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