The moment…

I had to wait.. patiently for the sale I knew was coming to Raleigh Running Outfitters… at the Cary location. So not only did I have to wait a month but had to drive a good bit out of my way to get them, Cary is almost an hour away. It was well worth the wait.. by that I mean the time it took to get to the store, and the time it took to get them on, which brings me to my next topic… new things all newbie VFF wearer should know:

1. They are difficult to get on…. at first. For about the first week I would be cursing by the time I got my VFFs on, but after figuring out that you have to get the toe pods just right and then slip the back of the shoe on, I was golden.

2. get used to having your feet looked at ALOT! you have not just bought a pair of running shoes, you have now become an ambassador for the brand. Many people will come up to you and ask you about your shoes, why you’re wearing them, and at times tell you how ugly they are. It takes some getting used to, but I have met quite a few interesting people because of my shoes.

3. You cannot take VFFs out of the box and go running 10 miles in them,,, without seriously hurting yourself. If you are planning on running almost barefoot, it will take time. Many websites such are suggests that you start out running completely barefoot and “let your skin be your guide”, when the soles of your feet become sore, that’s how far you can go at this time. Other site suggest starting  at 1/4 mile – 1/2 mile and slowly build your mileage by only 10% everyone other week. I used a combination of these 2 strategies the first week.

Getting a new pair of Vibrams is exciting. Rest assured once you have one pair, you WILL want more and more.

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  1. Hehehehe, I just ordered my third pair and I haven’t even begun to wear out my 2 year old Sprints.


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