Finding the right VFF shoe

My search began on the internet, there are many good websites out there to help research your first VFF and find the one that’s right for you! I  first tried Vibrams main site at They give great descriptions of each shoe and what activities correspond with each shoe. I’m a runner, so I was looking for a shoe that was built for what I love to do most, RUN!

My next search lead me to the website It’s a wonderful site for connecting to all that is Vibram Five Fingers.  They have reviews on each model of shoe, info on how to transition to barefoot running, different forums to connect to other barefoot and VFF runners and wearers, all the info you could need about this product on one site.

After surveying all the info, I decided on the Bikila model, named for the famous barefoot marathoner Abebe Bikila, the two-time olympic marathon champion who finished marathons barefoot.  A fitting name for this shoe, I think.

Since the shoes were a little pricey, 100 dollars pricey, I decided to try them on first to make sure this was what I wanted. The people at The Great Outdoors let me have a go at them. Let me say that I was sweating and out of breath by the time I got them on. The sales person said that him and his colleagues get a kick out of watching first timers try to get the shoes on. After walking around in them, and some jogging around the store, I was hooked! They were super comfy, light, airy. It was like I was a kid again running barefoot around my mom’s house. But I had to wait on my precious shoes it wasnt the right time…. so I walked away.

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  1. Best of luck with the surgery. I had one removed a couple of years ago, but all clear since.


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