IT all started with a book…

I have to admit, I was  already intrigued with the idea of the Vibram Five Fingers shoes. I had seen several runners at my races sporting the barefoot minimalist shoes. I had already moved down from Asics 2150s,  a pretty bulky stabililty shoe, to Saucony Kinvaras, a very light trainer that helps you transition to a forefoot strike. I had read in my favorite running magazines that these minimalist shoes could help prevent injuries.  I had been cursed with shin splints for most of my training, along with various other aches and pains. After switching to the Kinvaras, I was feeling less sore after my runs and recovering faster.  So my brain started thinking, if going down to a more minimalist shoe helped with my aches and pains,, what would happen if I took the jump to even more minimalist shoes, say the funky looking Vibram Five Fingers.

Im a firm believer in doing my research, so I started reading the book that I had been told was the “bible of barefoot running”, Christopher Mcdougal’s book ” Born to Run”.  It totally changed my way of thinking! Barefoot “Ted”, my favorite character in the book, could not run at all, until he began running barefoot and in Vibram Five Fingers. It makes the arguement, effectively, that most of today’s running injuries began with the running shoes of the 1970’s. Before Nikes, people ran in very thin shoes. Those shoes allowed you to feel the ground under your feet and adjust your running style accordingly to limit injuries. Cushioning shoes hide the real damage that is being done to our legs, hips and back, by buffering the pain signals that tells us we are running the wrong way.

After reading the book, the next question was which Vibram Five Finger shoes to buy???

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  1. Way to go, I ran my first marathon last year in my VFF sprints, it was awesome!
    PS, don’t start on gravel, it takes a long time to work up to!


  2. Loved reading Born to Run, but more for the tales of Caballo Blanco and the Tarahumara.

    After reading your post, though, I feel like making the transition toward minimalism and barefoot running.


  3. I was just glancing back through some of your tweets and saw that you ran Shamrock this year! That was my first marathon last year and the year before it was my first half. We moved to Korea in July so I didn’t get to run it this year. Hopefully I’ll get to do it again some day 🙂 Shamrock On!


    • YES! its was awesome, a little bit cold this year though. Do they have marathons in Korea?


      • I think Korea has more marathons per capita than any other country in the world. They are seriously into fitness and I get tons of smiles and thumbs up when I’m out for a run, even from the senior citizens 🙂 I’m about an hour and a half south of Seoul and there are constant races there. Ran a 10K in Feb. that started and finished inside the Olympic Stadium, It was awesome! (Race report is in my blog 🙂

      • that is sooo cool! how long have u been barefoot running?

      • I started running barefoot May of 2009 so almost 2 years. Fortunately I was living in VA so it was warm enough to run barefoot at least part of the time most of the year. Yesterday was my first barefoot race in Korea, lots of good feedback 🙂 I’ll have my race report up soon!

  4. By the way, this skit is too funny and has Scott Jurek in it.


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